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Control Software
InfoPark system management application
  • Simple and intuitive interfaceSynoptic with city map and device locations
  • Synoptic with city map and device locations
  • The use of different colors for an immediate understanding of the operating state of the devices
  • Does not require costly hardware

Control Software

Why choose Control Software?

Easily integrated within the more common parking management systems

Equipped with all the features necessary for sending information and diagnosing the devices

Client/server modular architecture

Information at a glance

The software, designed as a tool to assist in managing traffic, is a simple to use and intuitive. The main data flow, which is represented by the information that arise from the parking areas and that are forwarded to the devices on the streets, is managed completely automatically, without the need for human intervention. This is possible also thanks to the ability to send alerts should there be any critical events.

An extremely simple interface allows the sending of informative messages to be viewed on the peripheral devices for an effective communication with drivers.

Using a map of the area that is managed by the system, in which the various components of the system are displayed, the operator can, at a glance, verify the state of the devices and the availability of the parking areas as well as the information messages for drivers.


Integration is important

The ability to communicate with all the main parking management systems in use represents a considerable advantage offered by this application. Its flexibility allows one to manage all the various parking areas in the city in an integrated manner and to have a global view of the situation in terms of the parking spaces of the entire urban area. It is also possible to integrate parking areas that adopt sensors provided by other non-Solari brands.

Adding a device is simple

The Control Software is highly modular and makes it easy to expand the system. The fact that it is open makes it possible to add new peripheral devices with various technologies as time goes by, and this occurs in a simple and economic manner: it is possible to insert new InfoPark indicators or other Variable Message Panels based on the changed requirements tied, for example, to the evolution of traffic or the creation of new parking areas.

But then what’s left for me?

Besides the actual management of the installation, the system also offers a series of analysis tools to the operator to study the use of the infrastructure. In particular, thanks to the different reports and statistics, which are available both as numeric data as well as graphical representations, it is possible to have a summary of the availability of parking spaces.

Operating System

Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7


Client Server
Monza The various parking areas available to drivers are easily found thanks to the parking indicators and to the central control system which is able to offer information regarding the actual availability of parking spaces, which in turn is updated in rea

What is it

The Control Software is an application that makes it possible to manage the entire INFOPARK system. Its “engine” collects information from the parking areas and processes them automatically, and then sends them to all street devices.

Its modern graphical interface allows operators to view a city map and the state of all devices in real-time.

The Control Software also allows text messages to be configured to provide drivers with various types of information, such as when areas are closed to traffic or detours are programmed.


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