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InfoPark Indicator
Parking direction indicator
  • Pleasant design and easily integrated within an urban environment
  • Intuitive signals that reproduce street signs
  • High visibility in all weather conditions
  • Low-power consumption thanks to the LED backlighting


InfoPark Indicator

Why choose InfoPark Indicator?

Customizable based on the customer’s needs (serigraphs, colors)

The possibility of installing additional modules at a later date

Easy maintenance thanks to the removable rear panel

Two pieces of information at once

The InfoPark Indicators have two purposes: informing drivers on the directions to take to reach a parking area and, simultaneously, specifying whether that parking is open or closed as well as how many parking spaces are available.

The static directional arrows, with LED backlighting, are made up of a fixed part that shows the name of the parking area as well as an icon.

The dynamic directional arrows, also with LED backlighting, represent a more technologically advanced solution. Besides the fixed part, they also have an area dedicated to variable content which displays information using LED technology regarding the number of parking spaces available.


Information to help citizens

The use of dynamic information, constantly updated by the central system, is a help both to the community, by reducing traffic congestion (giving drivers alternative paths), as well as to the single driver by helping him find the closest free parking zone.

Like a tailored suit

The InfoPark system is a suit that must be tailored for the city in which it is installed. During the initial analysis phase, Solari di Udine analyzes the customer’s needs and draws up a customized project design based on those needs.

In accordance with the law, it is possible to customize even the serigraphs of the directional arrows.


The arrows grow

The directional arrows that make up the InfoPark indicators are designed to be modular. This guarantees that they can be added easily even at a later time, based on the customer’s changed requirements. This is an undeniable advantage in terms of optimizing the initial investment, updating the system from a technological point of view, and finally flexibility in managing the system.

Sturdiness and design go together

The InfoPark indicator, entirely made of aluminum, is designed to resist all weather conditions, even the worst. It is characterized by an elegant profile and can be coated based on the specific aesthetic needs of the customer.

Display specifications

White LED backlighting with diffuser

32 pixels (horizontal)

16 pixels (vertical)

1 LED per pixel

LED Color


Available fonts


Maximum number of characters

10-12 on 2 lines

3-4 on 1 lines

Maximum character height

160 mm

Reading angle

100° vertical, 50° horizontal

Luminance > 10.000 cd/m2

Communication protocols


1570x350x200mm (WxHxD)

Monza The various parking areas available to drivers are easily found thanks to the parking indicators and to the central control system which is able to offer information regarding the actual availability of parking spaces, which in turn is updated in rea

What is it

InfoPark Indicators, designed to be installed on the side of the road to provide drivers with indications, are modules made up of a pole and directional arrows, very similar to read signals. The directional arrows typically indicate the parking area, with an icon depicting a P, as well as the variable information regarding available parking spaces sent from the central system and displayed using LEDs.

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