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LED Display
Busstop LED display
  • Excellent visibility in all weather conditions
  • Very bright
  • Excellent legibility even from great distances
  • Functions 24 hours a day
  • Antireflective multilayered protective glass

LED Display

Why choose LED Display?

Viewing of variable and dynamic information

Viewing of sliding or static text

Adjustment of power consumption and brightness based on environmental conditions

But when does the bus pass? The smart display answers!

Changes to lines and times of arrival, which in the past have required maintenance, are no longer a problem. These events no longer need to be updated manually but, thanks to the connection between the central server and the displays, it is possible to view information updated in real-time, with no need for manual intervention, by simply updating the data directly from the Control Center. This reduces costs and maintenance times considerably and guarantees an optimal service for travelers.

LED technology can help

The busstop displays, based on LED technology, are ideal for displaying information regarding the times of public transportation. Thanks to the highly efficient and intense LED technology, the displays guarantee an excellent legibility of information even in open areas and where the environment is very bright.

It’s a matter of distance and points of view

The maximum reading distance varies based on the model of the device and the chosen font, but, thanks to the high flexibility offered by LED technology, the reading distance can be very far.

All busstop displays offer excellent legibility, even at a close range, thanks to the reduced space between the LEDs.

Furthermore, the entire LED display family offers a reading angle close to 120° to guarantee excellent reading from any perspective.


Will it be easy to read?

The busstop LED displays are equipped with a system for automatically regulating brightness based on ambient light: the amount of light produced is therefore always ideal for the current conditions and this therefore optimizes power consumption and guarantees greatly reduced energy costs.

When sturdiness rhymes with elegance

The outer structure, made with extruded aluminum or steel, gives sturdiness and stability to all devices used for displaying information at busstops. The particular care and attention to design has produced an elegant and light profile that makes our busstop displays refined objects for all environments.

What time is it?

Along with specific information regarding public transportation, all busstop LED displays are capable of displaying other information as well, such as the current time. The latter is shown with great precision thanks to synchronization with the central server, which usually uses the NTP protocol.

Highly adaptable

Several LED display technologies are available for busstops, and they differ in form, size and number of faces: the multitude of solutions offered allows us to satisfy any needs in terms of space and amount of information to be displayed.


PC embedded produced by Solari

Display specifications

LED, Amber color, 590 nm

character height: 45 mm (Rx models)

character height: 35 - 45 mm (Bx models)

Space between LEDs

5 mm

Type of active area

Rx models: Separate lines

Bx models: Graphical area


Rx models: 12 x 192

B48 model: 48 x 144 pixels

B64 model: 64 x 144 pixels

N° lines displayed

R2: 2 lines

R4: 4 lines

R6: 6 lines

B48: da 3 a 5 lines

B64: da 4 a 7 lines

Data displayed

Alphanumeric messages or symbols


Rx models: > 8000 cd/m2

Bx models: > 4000 cd/m2

Readable distance

1 - 20 m

Communication protocols

Ethernet, GPRS/HSDPA, Fiber optics, Wi-Fi

Reading angle

120° vertical, 120° horizontal


Extruded aluminum or steel, antireflective multilayered glass

IP protection degree

Rx models: IP55

Bx models: IP54


R2: 230W max, 120W average

R4: 400W max, 230W average

R6: 550W max, 320W average

B48: 270W max, 200W average

B64: 360W max, 260W average


R2: 1200x500x240mm (WxHxD)

R4: 1200x740x240mm (WxHxD)

R6: 1200x960x240mm (WxHxD)

B48: 900x440x150mm (WxHxD)

B64: 900x520x150mm (WxHxD)

Weight R2: 65Kg
R4: 90Kg
R6: 120Kg
B48: 50Kg
B64: 60Kg

Front, opening frontal panel

The busstop display is available in two main versions:

  • R model for viewing fixed separate lines
  • B model for viewing graphical images
Rotterdam Hundreds of busstop displays used in a northern European smart city to facilitate travelers in getting around with real-time information regarding the arrival of buses

What is it

The busstop LED display presents luminous information based on LED (Light Emitting Diode) technology. This technology allows for excellent legibility even in difficult environmental conditions, such as direct sunlight. The busstop displays are designed to be installed on a pole to guarantee the best reading conditions for end-users.

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