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Parking Guidance

Helpful indications for reaching nearby parking


The ever increasing use of private vehicles, regardless of the creation of new parking infrastructures, makes finding a parking place a problem that many people have to face daily.


A valid solution to this problem is a guidance system for reaching parking areas, that allows the directing of vehicles to the closest parking area with available spaces, therefore reducing the traffic generated by vehicles searching for a parking place to a minimum, increasing the average circulation speed while decreasing pollution.


For this purpose, Solari di Udine has developed INFOPARK, an effective solution to traffic problems.


This system is essentially made up of a control center connected to direction indicator signs and variable message displays, smart objects positioned at key points within the city area.

INFOPARK collects data regarding the number of available parking spaces from the various parking areas present within the city and then sends the information to the devices located along the streets to make it available to drivers.


With this information, drivers can quickly identify available parking and avoid driving needlessly, saving time as well as reducing pollution.


Besides optimizing traffic, adopting such a system encourages drivers to park their vehicles, creating an incentive to use public transportation.


Another aspect that qualifies this solution is the fact that the adopted devices must not only be integrated with traditional street signs, but they must also fit harmoniously within the various urban environments that characterize many contexts, be they modern or historical.

The INFOPARK system is made up of modern and modular hardware devices which are technologically advanced and are characterized by a high quality urban design.

Elegance, simplicity, reliability, resistance and the ability to be easily integrated are all requirements the devices must meet.

Specifically, our system’s resistance endures all environmental conditions in terms of, for example, drastic changes in temperatures, mechanical solicitations, humidity, snow, rain, and therefore represents an element of quality in the solution proposed by Solari di Udine.


Furthermore, the Variable Message Panels can be used to improve communication with residents about other aspects by displaying general purpose messages (City information) or more specific messages (work in progress, deviations, particular traffic situations, etc.) to therefore offer a service that goes beyond simply directing traffic to parking areas.


With the INFOPARK system, cities can offer an additional service to their residents as well as to visitors, while projecting an image of modern, efficient and truly smart cities.

Products for this solution

Control Software
InfoPark Indicator
Variable Message Panel
Parking Sensor

Case Studies

In the city of Monza, which offers various parking solutions with several thousands of available parking spaces, Solari di Udine has created a complete system for directing vehicles to parking.
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