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An application for controlling and monitoring Solari parking meters
  • Entirely web-based interface
  • Complete control over every device parameter
  • Rich with tools for analysis and reports
  • Integrated tools for managing prepaid cards
  • Forwarding of alerts by email or SMS


Why choose Smartpark?

Less need for physical access to the parking meters which translates into a reduction of costs

Real-time monitoring of the infrastructure

Tools for analyzing the cash flow

The installation expands, but not the cost

SmartPark is a scalable solution that makes it possible to keep costs under control by allowing for activities to be handled remotely and allowing the operator to take action on multiple devices with only a few clicks. Programming, updates, data collection and error alerts no longer require physical access to the parking meter and can be managed directly from the central control center. In other words: less time, less costs, higher quality of service.

Smartpark adapts to your needs

Requirements change based on the specifics of a particular system. The control software must be capable of adapting to these different scenarios by providing various options and features, so that the customer can choose the appropriate model to be applied. SmartPark can be installed locally, giving the customer complete control over data and the IT infrastructure, or it can be used as a “cloud” service, where all technical aspects are handled by Solari. There are even different options in terms of communication: Machine to Machine data connections or a simple Internet connection, as well as Ethernet or Wi-Fi.

Cash flow under control

With SmartPark, data regarding every single transaction is sent to the central system, where they are then memorized permanently. Furthermore, every single coin inserted in the parking meter is registered and accounted for. On the basis of this data flow, a whole series of statistics and summaries are available to assist the operator in analyzing the cash flow and making the best decisions possible.

Rates the way you want them

Rates are a main topic when it comes to parking management, and SmartPark offers a powerful tool for setting any type of rate: incremental, regressive, non-linear rates are no longer a problem. Special rates for residents, discounts or seasonal rates can also be easily handled. All this by means of a web interface that is clear and reliable, and accessible from virtually anywhere and from any device.

Effective diagnostics

The infrastructure is monitored in real time and any anomaly is highlighted within a monitoring page. However, it isn’t necessary to access the control software periodically if one wishes to know the state of the system: the appropriate people are alerted of important events wherever they may be, by email or SMS. All notifications of the peripheral devices are logged and processed for the purpose of providing statistics regarding the operation of parking meters and actions taken.

Everything you need in a single tool

Programming of parking meters, controlling their functions and viewing information are important aspects, but SmartPark offers much more than this in a single product. Examples are the creation and writing of prepaid, radiofrequency or contactless cards, the exporting of information to Excel or PDF files, shift management of the maintenance squads, as well as time and attendance.

Operating System

Windows XP/2003/Vista/2008/7
Cracow The central management software provides data also to third-party applications.
Tourist locations The ability to configure different rates based on the time of year is an essential part of parking management interest areas.
Vicenza The comparison between parking meter payments data and the data provided by the passageways of the parking complex allows for an optimal management of resources.

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What is it

SmartPark is a solution for remotely managing and programming Spazio parking meters. It also offers all the tools necessary for analyzing cash flows, for generating reports and for the solution to the various problems that parking management entails. SmartPark is offered as a software package that is installed for the handler or as a service. In the latter case, the client uses the Solari “in the cloud” service to control his parking meters.

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