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Spazio Parking Meter
A high quality and reliable parking meter
  • Multiple payment systems
  • Battery life
  • Complete remote management
  • Integrated Web server
  • Elegant design

Spazio Parking Meter

Why choose Spazio Parking Meter?

Easily configured fares

Customer loyalty systems

Excellent performance even in difficult environmental conditions

Security and endurance first and foremost

The Spazio parking meter puts security first: the body, completely made of high-quality stainless steel, is structured in such a way as to make it extremely resistant, both against vandalism as well as lock picking. A superficial coating further increases its resistance to corrosive agents and paint and therefore also better preserves its appearance.

Furthermore, the locks represent the state-of-the-art in terms of security and can also be differentiated, each with its own key.


Pay the way you want

Thanks to the possible configurations, Spazio allows a choice among multiple means of payment.

Besides coins, it is also possible to use electronic means of payment such as chip cards or contactless cards, prepaid cards or city cards, and, finally, bank cards. The availability of different methods for payment has undeniable advantages both for the end-user, who is no longer required to have the exact amount of coins, as well as for the handler who, on one hand, sees payments flow directly into his account, and on the other hand sees the frequency, with which the parking meters’ money boxes are emptied, decrease greatly. Consequently, management costs are also reduced.


Help for those who work

The components used have been designed specifically to make maintenance operations easier. All devices can be easily accessed and, if necessary, quickly substituted thanks to their modularity. The device can also be controlled and programmed remotely, therefore reducing the need for direct maintenance. An alert system uses SMS or email to quickly reach the handler anywhere he may be.

Energy efficiency also means savings

One of Solari’s goals with Spazio has been to create a highly power-efficient device. Besides making the parking meter an eco-friendly object, this characteristic also makes it possible to obtain a performance that, along with a solar panel, guarantees energy independence. The result is that no external power supply is necessary and there are less battery substitutions throughout the product’s lifecycle, as well as reduced management costs.

Much more than parking

The services offered by our parking meter go beyond simply paying for parking. With Spazio it is possible to obtain advanced features regarding customer loyalty, such as discounts for local residents, special rates or free parking once the person is identified by means of a special card. Furthermore, tickets can be dispensed for the use of public transportation. And that’s not all. Another feature is the ability to interface with barrier systems used in parking structures. And there are many others features available.

An effective solution goes beyond a parking meter

Spazio is not just a system for dispensing tickets for parking. When used with Solari Smartpark software, it allows for a broader view of parking management with the purpose of providing the handler with all the tools necessary to help him perform his duties effectively. The entire infrastructure can be controlled remotely by means of a Web server, where information regarding the system can be obtained for both diagnostic and financial purposes. The first step in the decision-making process is to work with solid information: Smartpark offers a wide range of statistics, and should these not be sufficient, it is always possible to extract all necessary data. A management system also includes the ability to program parking meter functions directly from the office: rates, tickets, messages and many other parameters can be configured and updated remotely with just a few clicks of the mouse, without the need to directly access the devices.


RISC 32 bit (ARM)

Display specifications

Liquid crystal 4x20 characters; optionally graphical (240x64)


RAM 32MByte, Flash 16MByte


RJ-45 (IEEE 802.3). The implemented protocol is TCP/IP

Printer paper format

Thermal paper 60 – 75 g/m2

Capacità cassa vano valori


Types of payment

Coins with 14 possible variants

Prepaid contact cards ISO 7816

Mifare contactless cards

Bank cards


Stainless steel


Floor mounted

Power supply

12W solar panel and 12V 18Ah battery

external power supply and 12V 7,2 Ah battery

12V 56Ah battery

Battery life

> 6 months or 15000 transactions

Memory capacity

10.000 transactions on nonvolatile storage (flash)

Calendar Clock

Perpetual, automatically synchronized with system time

Operating temperature

-25°C  +55°C

IP protection degree

IP33, IP54 except for the coin and card slots

Relative humidity

Up to 97% at 50°C without condensation


490x1852x269mm (WxHxD)


About 100Kg, depending on the version and installed options


Certification: CEI UNI 12414

The Spazio parking meter is available in two versions:

  • basic version
  • plus version

according to their supported features.


The basic version includes:

  • coin selector

The plus version includes:

  • coin selector
  • RFID card reader
  • GPRS modem

Both the basic and plus versions can be equipped with a battery power supply and solar panel, or they can be powered by the 230V power grid.


Accessory configurations are available upon request (see section).

The spare parts list is available.







Coin reader + powered by battery and solar panel or by the 230V electrical grid



Coin reader + RFID card reader + GPRS modem + powered by battery and solar panel or by the 230V electrical grid


Accessory configurations available upon request:

  • Keyboard: simple
  • Keyboard: QWERTY extended
  • Heating kit (for specific climatic conditions)
  • Bank card payment module
  • GPRS modem retrofit kit


Cod. 54101271
Coin reader + powered by battery and solar panel or by the 230V electrical grid


Cod. 54101247
Coin reader + RFID card reader + GPRS modem + powered by battery and solar panel or by the 230V electrical grid
Cracow Street parking in one of Poland’s most important cities.

A customized parking meter that accepts payments using the Cracow city cards.


A customized parking meter capable of handling the Arab alphabet and accepting the payment of fines.

Tourist locations

Resistant even in difficult environmental conditions, and the differentiation of rates based on the time of year.

Parking meters handle predefined parking spaces that are identified by means of an identification code.

What is it

Spazio (Space) is a device designed for parking control and, once payment is confirmed, it is capable of dispensing a ticket attesting a person’s right to park for a certain amount of time. Spazio is both reliable and efficient, as well as robust and can operate in outdoor environments even when conditions are difficult, and does so without forgetting the importance of a captivating design and good taste.

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