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Street Parking Management

Managing parking devices in a centralized manner


In the field of street parking, Solari boasts cutting-edge technological skills and an experience of more than 10 years in this sector. These characteristics make it an ideal partner in this area, whatever the size the city may be. The ability to effectively manage space and rates applied to parking makes it possible to develop a parking model by harmonizing how parking spaces are used based on availability and time of day.


Street management in a smart city presents various aspects that are apparently heterogenous and to which only an integrated system of tools can provide an effective answer.

Purchasing the right to park for a certain amount of time, with or without obtaining a ticket, is the main aspect handled by such a system.


The Spazio parking meter represents an interface to the public and has been designed with care so as to make it easier for the end-user to perform his tasks. It is technologically advanced, reliable and elegant, and it allows for multiple payment systems: coin, prepaid cards, bank and city cards. The Spazio parking meter is a smart object that can adapt to the peculiarities of any city: payment for optional services, fines or subscriptions can easily be handled thanks to the flexibility of its software.


A second fundamental aspect of parking management is the simplification of the infrastructure administrative activities. The devices used are reliable as well as secure, are easily maintained and can provide useful information for diagnosing any anomalies of the parking meter. Furthermore, the ability to remotely control and program the parking meters represents an undeniable advantage in terms of efficiency and cost reduction.

Solari’s solution is represented by SmartPark, a centralized management software that takes advantage of the Spazio parking meter’s ability to communicate remotely so as to obtain a bidirectional communication via GPRS (as well as via Wi-Fi or Ethernet).

SmartPark collects all data regarding the working state of the parking meters and presents them to the operator with a simple and intuitive interface. In a similar way, it also allows the creation of programming for each aspect of the parking meter’ s functions. These aspects include rates but also the definition of printed tickets. All settings are therefore applied quickly to all devices without the need to leave the office.

The same software application also offers other tools aimed at supporting the typical tasks required with parking management: analysis of cash flow statistics, alert forwarding (by email or SMS) the creation of prepaid cards (chip or contactless), personnel shift management, interfacing with third-party back office applications and much more, all within a single software tool.


SmartPark can be installed based on two different infrastructural models, each with its advantages depending on the application.

In the first scenario, SmartPark is installed within the customer’s IT infrastructure. In this case, the server and network devices are the responsibility of the customer who, therefore, has total control of the data and quality of service.

A second option is represented by the Solari “cloud” service which is used by the parking meters for communicating with the central system and by the operator to access the control server. In this case, the customer does not deal with system management, which is entirely the responsibility of Solari di Udine: it is a solution that is undoubtedly more suitable for medium/small companies in which the costs of managing an IT infrastructure would be significant.

Products for this solution

Spazio Parking Meter

Case Studies

In the city of Kraków, Solari di Udine has created a customized street-parking management system that includes devices for receiving payment for parking, Spazio parking meters, and central software.
Solari di Udine has installed a parking management system in the city of Casablanca with two particular aspects: the ability to handle characters of the Arabic alphabet and the possibility of paying fines by means of the parking meter.
Solari di Udine has installed street parking management systems at several tourist locations.
In the city of the Vicenza, Solari di Udine a has developed a system for garage parking control.
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