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Tourist locations

For tourist location an efficient management of parking areas is essential


To manage parking areas that very heavily in use during the course of the year and to therefore be able to modify the applied rates accordingly - To distinguish between residents and tourists - To provide resistance devices even in difficult environmental conditions.


For the systems, Spazio parking meters were used, equipped with protection kits and preconfigured for rate changes during the various time periods of the year. Furthermore, personal identification cards have been distributed.

  • Different profiles for the different requirements throughout the year
  • Protection kit to avoid damage caused by environmental conditions or vandalism during the closing periods
  • The ability to manage different types of users with different privileges simultaneously
  • Reliability
Case Study Tourist locations

Solari di Udine effectively handles the specific requirements of parking in tourist locations.

Numerous towns have a light on us for our ability to be flexible in meeting specific requirements.

Sorrento, Pompei, Lignano Sabbiadoro, Jesolo, Sirmione, Porto Cervo, Porto Rotondo, San Candido, Santo Stefano di Cadore, Cefalù, Matera are just a few examples of Marine and mountain locations that have chosen Solari di Udine.

Parking in tourist areas present specific needs that an effective management system must be able to satisfy.

Often these areas are characterized by a seasonal influx of vehicles, and therefore the way they are used varies greatly throughout the year.

In this case, rate profiles can change significantly during the various periods of the year and the parking meters must be preprogrammed to change profiles accordingly at preestablished times.

Some areas may even suspend the application of rates altogether and therefore deactivate the parking meter’ s functions: the parking meter therefore is not managed or controlled in certain months, during which the need for an effective solution for its protection and conservation arises.

Even the ability to discriminate between residents and tourists is a feature that is often requested in similar contexts: loyalty cards, special rates or discounts for residents, all supported by the Spazio parking meter, represent the answer to those needs.

Often, tourist areas are located near the city, and the parking meter must therefore be highly resistant to the typical corrosion of salty environments. It must also be resistant to considerable temperature excursions such as those found in elevated locations. Finally, it must be able to handle large workloads, typical of tourist areas.


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