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Dynamic and colorful information provided to users regarding the times of public transportation


To provide the users of public transportation with information regarding the passage of buses by using colored images while limiting power consumption


Displays with transflective TFT technology, powered by solar energy thanks to solar panels installed above the busstop shelter.

  • TFT with transflective technology
  • Displayed colored images
  • The possibility of using solar energy
  • Day and nighttime visibility
  • Compact
  • Stainless steel housing
  • Installed under busstop roof
Case Study Turin

In the city of Turin, the fourth most populated Italian city, Solari di Udine has installed 150 TFT busstop displays.


The adopted devices are capable of displaying, besides typical text, colored images and bright information as well, for the purpose of updating travelers in real-time about the times of arrival of the buses at the various busstops.


For this project, busstop displays using transflective TFT technology were used.

Thanks to this technology, the TFT panels guarantee optimal legibility even in very bright environments, since they adjust brightness based on ambient light.


This technology was used also for the purpose of minimizing consumption and because of the possibility of powering the devices using solar energy or the pre-existing electrical grid used for public lighting.


When using solar energy for power, during the day it is accumulated into batteries so that the device may be powered even when the power source is absent.

The solar panels are installed above the busstop roof, in the point of highest solar exposure. Thanks their particular flexibility, they are capable of adhering perfectly to the roof surface, with limited visual impact.

The busstop displays are installed below the busstop roofs, and the batteries for storing solar energy are placed within the displays themselves, making the solution as compact as possible.


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