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An example of cost optimization with garage parking management


To manage garage parking by comparing the information regarding the number of available parking spaces with the number of those actually occupied - To optimize parking operator activities in terms of the actual use of the garage, by verifying the consistency between the information collected at the passageways and the information collected by the parking meters


In this context, the Spazio parking meter is supported by the SmartPark management software, customized to meet the customer’s specific needs. The system is then completed by the installation of sensors placed in the passageways, to verify the vehicles that access the building, and of Variable Message Panels, for indicating the number of available parking spaces.

  • Simple payments
  • The available spaces are displayed at the entrance of the building
  • Low cost management (unmanned automated parking)
Case Study Vicenza

Providing the city of Vicenza with a system for managing parking areas, the need arose to control parking garages, as well as the classic street parking areas.


The Spazio parking meter is highly capable of handling Street parking, but parking in a closed building has particular needs that require specific features.


In a parking garage, users must use the parking meter to obtain a ticket corresponding to the right to Park.


For this purpose, Solari di Udine has created an integrated system in which the payment data provided by the parking meters are cross-referenced with the data provided by a vehicle counting system, developed using sensors placed at the passageways of the parking garage itself.

Firstly, this characteristic allows for the number of currently occupied parking spaces to be displayed: this information is highlighted for users using a display placed at the entrance of the building.

This makes it possible to provide precise and effective information to all potential users who are informed of the available number of parking spaces even before they enter the garage.


Furthermore, the system allows for the percentage of active payments to be determined precisely. They are determined based on the tickets issued by the parking meters and valid at the moment of the analysis with respect to the parking spaces that are occupied, with consideration to the data derived from the passageway sensors.

In this way, the overseer can intervene with specific checks performed by trained personnel only when this value deviates too far from the normal one-to-one ratio. This makes it possible to avoid overseeing the parking spaces with an inspector, therefore reducing costs considerably.


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